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Mortgages Made Easy







Whether it’s your first home or looking to build, you’re upgrading, refinancing, refixing or adding to your investment portfolio, I can help provide the right knowledge and advice

Whether it’s your first home or looking to build, you’re upgrading, refinancing, refixing or adding to your investment portfolio, I can help provide the right knowledge and advice



Michael Anastasiadis is a registered Mortgage Adviser / Mortgage Broker in Wellington through NZ Financial Services Group Limited, working in Bozinoff Mortgages, a boutique award winning Mortgage Finance and Insurance Brokerage. FSP Number FSP558426.

My passion is helping clients to reach their property and financial freedom by processing and gaining high quality finance approvals and solutions.

 I deal with all financial institutions, from the main banks right through to second/third tier lenders as well as private funders. Helping to facilitate a professional and harmonious dialogue to enable us to get our applications over the line and grow the Company’s reputation through reliable and accurate loan applications and dealings.

Prior to joining Bozinoff Mortgages in 2017, I had spent 17 years at Inland Revenue in a variety of roles, including Investigations, Compliance & Intelligence and in leadership roles for the Business Analysis and Project Management professions.

When I am not processing loans or meeting with clients, I spend my time with my lovely family, beautiful wife, 2 sons and a daughter as well as the family dog.  I can also be found running early in the mornings or being a golf caddie for the kids. I also love hitting the central plateau in winter for skiing.



  • Owned Multiple Houses

  • Owned an Investment Property

  • Been a Landlord

  • Purchased Land and Built a new home



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Mortgage Planning

Michael assists you with the application process and then arrange your approval, confirm the amount you can borrow and provide you with an approval letter(s) received from the lender(s) and go over any conditions.

Mortgage Advice

Michael will look at your situation to ensure that you are on the best interest rate and ensure that you have a generous cash contribution. Michael provides structure and mortgage debt reduction advice.




I will ensure that your loan is approved from the appropriate bank that suits your needs and situation.


I will get you get the best possible deal possible from the bank.


Most importantly, I will look after you along the entire journey, taking time to answer all your questions and provide you with tips and tricks along the way. Learn more about why you should use a Mortgage Broker HERE


Love to have fun and share this with you to take any stress out of any situation

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What do your services cost?

My services are free! Yes, that’s right, I get paid by the Banks. There are time when I have to charge a fee, but that is when I cannot get you lending from a mainstream bank or third tier bank and will discuss that with you well in advance.

I am not in Wellington, can you still help me?

Yes, I can help anyone throughout the world! I have clients all over NZ and have current active clients based in the U.K, France, USA and Australia.

Should I use the Bank or Mortgage Adviser?
Mortgage Adviser of course!

Why? Banks are not like they used to be. They are pushing clients to bank online or over the phone. You want to see a Banker, you need to try and fit in an appointment around lunchtime like everybody else. Plus, the added drama of finding a carpark! Then, they likelihood is that the person you meet at the Bank will not be there in 3 – 6 months time.

The Banks push products to fit you into their criteria. A Mortgage Adviser will a solution that works best for your situation. Low deposit or poor credit history? There are options available.

No need to worry about going to the Bank, feeling like you are begging for money, asking them to do you a favour.

A Mortgage Adviser comes to you. A Mortgage Adviser answers your calls anytime. A Mortgage Adviser is hungry for your business and is out to impress you … why … so we can get more referrals and new clients.

Over 40% of mortgage lending in NZ is done through Mortgage Advisers and this stat keeps growing.

Don’t waste anymore time, come to a Mortgage Adviser and let us do all the hard work for you. Let the Mortgage Adviser meet you when it suits you. Let the Mortgage Adviser buy you coffee and worry about making your situation work.


Michael made the process of applying for our first home loan easy to understand and much less intimidating. He explained each step without being patronising so we understood exactly what we needed to do when. He was always happy to answer questions, no matter what time of the day, even taking time out of his Friday night to call and explain the bank’s loan offer. We had a tight deadline for obtaining a loan offer and Michael persistently chased the bank to make sure we got it on time. He helped us get a good offer from the bank which we couldn’t have managed by ourselves with only a 10% deposit. I would highly recommend his services to anyone buying a house, particularly first home buyers. He helped relieve stress at a very stressful time and we’re very grateful for all his hard work.

Rachael Basire

Michael’s handling of obtaining a mortgage for us was superb. After being turned down by our own bank he was able to go back and secure our new mortgage from that bank swiftly. He’s like the action man of mortgage brokers. He’s professional, thorough, a brilliant communicator/informative, honest, supportive throughout the whole process and a genuinely great person to have on your team during a demanding process. We thoroughly recommend Michael Anastasiadis as a mortgage broker/mentor. Thanks to Michael we are off to live the dream in our new home.


I got my first home through Michael. I am planning to stick with him for future buying as well. He is very good and quick to respond. He got the best rate and cash back from the bank. Even he helped me to sort out my insurance deal. He is very informative and educate us with those information. Thanks Michael. Keep going with your good works.

Chandra Babu

No matter what time we need advice from Michael, weekends, late evenings or even on Christmas holiday, he is there and responds fast. On the tender days, he’s there praying for good result and waiting for any emergent special request from us. The whole process was smooth with help from Michael, pre-approval, communicating with bank, going unconditional, deposit payment, etc. Thank you again for all the support and help in the whole 2018, Michael!

Han Han

I found Michael very professional , he was an absolute pleasure to deal with through the whole process , he kept us informed every step of the way, nothing was ever an issue for him. Michael helped us get the funds we required for my business and for home renovations , and get us the best possible interest rates Highly recommend Michael to any person looking for a mortgage broker

Gerard Houlahan



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